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Conférence : Chemistry for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Preserving our Past for a Better Future

M. Piero Baglioni

Université de Bologne - Italie

Durée :

2011 Année Internationale de la Chimie : Chemistry for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage : Preserving our Past for a Better Future


Isis, Strasbourg

Université de Strasbourg- Faculté de Chimie

Conservation Science is still in its infancy. Nowadays most of the Conservation Science is related to diagnostic and only a few methods are available for the conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage. We pioneered most of the innovative methodologies available for conservation using tools borrowed from Nano-Science. Micelles, microemul-sions, nanoparticles, and gels are used in a large number of applications. All these systems constitute a new platform for Conservation of Cultural Heritage and are characterized by scale lengths below 100 nm in one or more dimensions. With illustrative examples, we will report on the applications of these innovative methodologies in recent restoration workshops. Examples include the restored masterpieces of Beato Angelico, Taddeo Gaddi, Piero della Francesca, Santi di Tito, Maya wall paintings (Calakmul, Mexico), the deacidification of paper and wood from the Vasa warship (Stockholm), and the conservation of Organs pipes.


Thème(s) : Chimie

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Producteur : Université de Strasbourg

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