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Welcome and opening speech

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The 6th AC21 Student World Forum at the University of Strasbourg

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CDE, Strasbourg

Université de Strasbourg - Direction des relations internationales

Thème(s) : Enseignement supérieur


Producteur : Université de Strasbourg

Réalisateur : Colloques et Conférences

Regional cooperation in Europe : overview

Questions & Answers session

M. Alain Beretz

President of the University of Strasbourg

M. Ulrich Bohner

Chairman of Strasbourg Europe House (MESA) Born in Germany, in 1944, at the end of World War II. Law studies in Saarbrücken and Berlin. Lawyer’s degree in 1972. 1972 - 2009 : Work at the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France; various functions : Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (from 2002 to 2009 as Secretary General), Secretary of the European Conference of Ministers Responsible for Regional Planning Senior Official in the Office of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe (1989 - 1994) Head of the Council of Europe Office in Kosovo (June - December 1999) 2009 : Retirement 2011 - now : Chair of Europe House Strasbourg - Alsace (MESA)

M. Francis Kern

Vice-President for international relations at the University of Strasbourg PhD and Professor in Economics, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management from 1999 to 2004 and currently is a Research Fellow at the European Management and Economics Center (Pôle Européen de Gestion et d’Economie). He conducts his research on two main subjects: «Economy and management of innovation and knowledge» and «Territorial development and social entrepreneurship in developing countries». He teaches Economic History and Globalization, European Integration Process and European Policy in Cooperation and Development. He is also the President of the regional association for the promotion of fair trade (COLECOSOL).

Building up a European Campus in the Upper Rhine Region

M. Janosch Nieden

Eucor Coordinator Janosch Nieden is Coordinator of EUCOR, the alliance of 5 universities situated in the Trinational Upper Rhine Area (Freiburg, Basel, Strasbourg, Karlsruhe and Mulhouse). The coordination is based in Strasbourg (France). Before taking this position in February 2015, Mr. Nieden has been the coordinator of the Science Sector of the Metropolitan Region of the Upper Rhine in Kehl (Germany), and, before that, coordinating a French- German training program for public decision makers at the French National School of Administration (ENA) in Paris and Strasbourg (France). Mr. Nieden has a Master degree in public management and administration of the University of Potsdam (Germany) as well as a research master degree in Political Science of Sciences Po Paris (France)