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Smart space applications and capacity buildings for innovative social services

M. Naohiko KOHTAKE

Keio University

Durée :

France - Japan Joint Workshop : Recent Advances in Aeronautics and Space : Smart and Green Technologies and Applications for future

Du au

Hotel d’Assérzat, Toulouse

JSPS - Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Space is the last frontier that mankind must cross. But, its crossing needs a large effort in numerous and very different domains. Some of them are purely theoretical, others are and will be technological. Similar crossing points are observed in the conception of aircrafts where new challenges (mainly related to environmental concerns) need not only to revisit a large number of today's certitudes, but also to bring inventive solutions.

The topics of this workshop deal with the recent advances in aeronautics and space : smart and green technologies and applications for future . The main themes are:
- Electrical Aircraft
- Composite Material
- Space Application
- Small Satellite
- Space Environmental Effects
Its goal is to bring together researchers from France and Japan to foster both academic and technologic exchanges while paving the ways of future collaborations. The program will feature a series of talks by the participants and a round table on the identification of possible prospective partnerships.


Thème(s) : Développement durable - environnement Sciences de l’ingénieur Sciences de l'Univers

Sciences de l’ingénieur, Sciences fondamentales

Producteur : Université de Strasbourg

Réalisateur : Colloques et Conférences

Session 4 : «Space Application»

Session 5 : «Electrical Aircraft»

A new architecture for electricity generation onboard telecommunications satellites

M. Jean-François GENEST

Airbus Group Innovation Works